Save Indian Family

Save Indian Family (SIF) a Movement, Group of non-funded, non-profit, Non-Government Organization in India (NGO). SIF is a movement which promotes, associates with formation of various NGOs, which intend to work for Men’s welfare and strongly believe in replacing the word Men/Women by Person and Husband/Wife by Spouse in any Government law/policy.

SIF takes pride in stating that it has an effective force of over 100,000 members on ground and more the 10,000 on the internet who are fighting this legal terrorism like commandos. Save Indian Family is a strong team of dedicated families comprising of victims of misuse of Section 498A, Dowry Death and many other similar section of the Indian Penal Code, Various sections of the Dowry Prohibition Act, Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act – 2005, Section 125 of Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC), All the Marriage Acts (Hindu, Muslim, Christian etc) , Special Marriage Act, Guardians and Wards Act, Rape, Sexual Harassment at Work Place etc. & other gender biased laws in India, including NRIs, Sr. citizens who campaign and create awareness about gross injustice and abuse that happen in Indian legal system. Giving the message to the society about Gender Equality and Family Harmony.

(No single NGO can claim SIF as a movement of their own. Whosoever believes in SIF ideology is part of this movement.)

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