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Weekly Meetings To help the victims in distress and to help them live their lives with basic human touch & rights, Save Indian Family and it's allied groups run Weekly Meetings across multiple Locations.

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Helpline SIF One - Helpline for Men is the first ever unique National Single Number Helpline. SIF has been helping men in distress since 2005 but it has taken the Movement to the next level with single window access to Men and their families. It's an IVR based system, backed up by 100s of SIF Counsellors. Read More  
Child Custody Hon'ble Guardian Judges of the Family Court in the state of Maharashtra, have been pleased to direct circulation of the guidelines among the Family court judges and the Marriage Counselors in the Family Courts for determining Child Access & custody matters

Child Access Parenting Plan  
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Section 125

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Marriage Laws

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Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Save India Family

We hope that Save Family Movement would help you understand the other side of the coin that was always there but never visible

  • Keep Living
  • Keep Smiling
  • And...Yes there is HOPE

A Ray of Hope for depressed Indian men

We believe in the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi "First they ignore you, then they mock you, then they fight you, then you win "!!

SIF may not have the blessing of Government of India, but we do have the blessings of thousands of mothers, grandmothers and sisters who work and fight with us day in and day out trying to educate the slumbering Indian populace. SIF has the support of hundreds of small but nevertheless important NGOs who work with us to spread the word on how gender biased laws are destroying Indian society


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